X-Ray Evaluations

X-rays are commonly used in pediatric dentistry for both diagnostic and preventive reasons. They’re used to spot dental decay and signs of oral disease that can otherwise go undetected during a visual examination.

At Kalamazoo Pediatric Dentistry, we also use X-rays to evaluate the eruption of your child’s teeth. We’ll be able to tell if there’s enough room for adult teeth to erupt. We will also be able to tell whether there are any teeth missing and for any serious developmental lesions. This will help ensure your child ends up with the best possible adult smile as we can treat accordingly or recommend orthodontic treatment.

All our patients’ dental paths are different, and some may require more X-rays than others. We will always discuss X-rays before taking them. Some of our patients have them taken once every two years. While children who are at a higher risk for decay or have complicated eruption issues might need them at each 6-month examination. If you child has sustained a facial or oral injury, X-rays may be needed as soon as possible, even if they’re recently had a set taken.

Our staff at Kalamazoo Pediatric Dentistry is always willing to discuss the safety of X-rays with you should you have any concerns. We consistently monitor the amount of radiation your child is exposed to. Additionally, you can trust that we take all necessary precautions to avoid unnecessary radiation, such as using a lead vest and pinpointing the areas of the mouth that need to be X-rayed, minimizing exposure. We use digital X-rays to reduce radiation by 75% and small, comfortable radiographs to fit small mouths.