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Kalamazoo Pediatric Dentistry 

We care for you from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave.  

We take pride in our work with expert dental knowledge, superior oral health care, and proven techniques.  

We laugh, smile, and have fun to make your experience more positive.

We work as a team to provide the best care possible for your child.  

We are Kalamazoo Pediatric Dentistry – authentic and transparent oral health care.  

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Kid Friendly Dental Care

At our office, patient care is our top priority. This is especially relevant as we provide comprehensive dental care for children ages 1 through 12 and are skilled in servicing patients with special needs. Cleanings, fillings, and in office sedation are just some of the many services we provide. We understand that every child is unique and their needs vary, which is why Kalamazoo Pediatric Dentistry strives to provide your child with the individual attention and custom treatment they deserve.

Our staff strives to provide the best children’s dental care in Kalamazoo, Michigan. You’ll notice the difference in our service and care from the moment you walk in the door and throughout your entire visit. Our friendly, smiling staff will make sure every trip to our office is a positive experience. You’ll also enjoy our kid friendly office, complete with a barn in the play area, videos, games, and books.

Kids love Kalamazoo Pediatric Dentistry

Cavity Prevention

Cavities are typically due to a diet high in sugary foods and a lack of brushing. Reducing sugar intake and brushing regularly can certainly help.


Is flossing really that important? How old do my kids need to be to come to the dentist? We answer these questions and more!

First Visit

The America Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends your child see a pediatric dentist when the first tooth appears or by the first birthday.

After Care

We will go over after care instructions with you if your child has had anything but a routine appointment with us. Here are some general instructions.

"We look forward to serving your family!
“We feel very blessed and honored to serve the families of Southwest Michigan."

-Dr. Ryan Basler and Dr. Nathan van Hofwegen

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Our staff provides the best children’s dental care in Kalamazoo, Michigan. You’ll notice the difference in our service and care from the moment you walk in the door.

Address: 621 W Centre Ave., Portage, MI 49024

Phone: (269) 343-5386

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