After Your Pediatric Dentist Visit

If your child has had anything except for a routine appointment with Kalamazoo Pediatric Dentistry, we will go over after care instructions before you leave the office so that he or she can get back to feeling like their normal self as soon as possible. Instructions will differ based on the procedure completed.

Here are some basic instructions to refer to if needed but please remember that as every procedure is different, your child’s instructions could differ as well. Should you have any questions, call our office right away.


Your child’s mouth can be numb for several hours after a procedure if they received an injection. Make sure that your child isn’t biting or injuring their tongue, lips, or inner cheeks while they wait for feeling to come back.


Some bleeding is normal after an extraction or similar procedure. If the treated site begins to bleed excessively, firmly apply a piece of gauze to the area. If the bleeding does not stop or slow down, or continuously bleeds for more than 4 hours, contact us.

Treatment Site

Do not poke or disturb the treatment site. For the first 24 hours, do not rinse vigorously with water or mouthwash. After 24 hours, we recommend rinsing with warm saltwater to remove debris from the site and prevent an infection.


Sutures are used to control bleeding and speed up the healing process. These will either dissolve on their own or need to be removed. Please refer to your specific instructions.


Allow your child to relax as needed after a procedure. This could be for only a day or an entire week. Attending school is usually fine, but physical exertion, such as sports, is not recommended immediately following a procedure.


After an extraction, encourage fluids (nothing carbonated) but do not drink through a straw. Soft foods should be consumed for the first day, such as pudding or yogurt. Introduce foods back into your child’s diet as tolerated. This varies, but if you find that your child is still struggling to eat after a few days, contact us.


Your child might be scared to brush the treatment area but keeping it clean is important for healing. Brush the area gently. Slight bleeding is normal, but never agitate the treatment site.


If your child is experiencing discomfort, you may administer acetaminophen or ibuprofen as needed. Follow the instructions per the medication. If we feel that your child could experience extensive discomfort, we will discuss prescription pain medication.

Should you notice extensive swelling or inflammation, give our office a call. We might recommend using ice packs or warm compresses, depending on the situation. If your child develops a sight fever during the first 48 hours after a procedure, this is normal. But, if the fever develops higher than 100.5°F, call the office.

Make sure you keep your follow-up appointment so that we can monitor the progress of your child’s healing and overall health.