Safe Tooth Removal

Kalamazoo Pediatric Dentistry may recommend extractions at some point for your child, but only if necessary. There are a few instances where removing a tooth is the best, and sometimes only, option.

When Extractions Are Necessary

  • If there has been significant trauma to a tooth and it cannot be saved, removing it is the safest form of treatment.
  • If a baby tooth has not begun to loosen because the adult tooth is erupting elsewhere in the gum line, an extraction is the only way the tooth will come out.
  • If a tooth is severely infected, extraction may be the only option.
  • Other times, extractions of one or more teeth could be recommended during orthodontic treatment to make it possible for your child’s upper and lower teeth to properly align.

We know how important the comfort of your child is during such a procedure. Our gentle staff will always explain everything in detail to help keep your child calm and informed while each step is completed. Though extractions are never a desired procedure, we always focus on the positive and remind your child of the healthy smile they have to look forward to.