Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease might sound like an issue only adults are diagnosed with, but it can affect children just as easily. There are different types of gum diseases diagnosed in children, and your local Kalamazoo pediatric dentist knows how to manage them all.

Gingivitis is common but also preventable. It is a result of poor brushing and poor oral hygiene habits. Symptoms include swollen, red gums and bleeding of the gums. It’s easily treated but can advance if left alone.

Periodontitis is not as common but still seen in children. Localized periodontitis is diagnosed when there has been severe bone loss. More aggressive types of periodontitis involve the entire mouth and can lead to loose teeth if left untreated.

Here are some tell-tale signs of gum disease:

  • Gums bleeding during brushing, flossing, or for no seemingly particular reason.
  • Swollen gums that are red and irritated
  • Gums that have begun to recede away from the teeth
  • Bad breath that brushing doesn’t help

As mentioned earlier, gum disease is usually 100% preventable in children. Help your child avoid this condition by doing the following:

  • Introduce your child to good oral hygiene habits as soon as possible.
  • Practice good oral hygiene yourself and serve as a role model.
  • Never skip a 6-month check-up.
  • Routinely check your child’s mouth for signs of gum disease and take any complaints from your child seriously regarding discomfort or pain.