Professional Examinations

Whether it’s your child’s first visit with Kalamazoo Pediatric Dentistry or a routine check-up, we want you and your child to feel relaxed and comfortable during the dental examination.

When is it time for a dental examination?

We recommend that babies come in for their first dental exam around their first birthday. We also encourage all our patients to come in for check-ups every six months. Professional examinations are one of the best ways to ensure your child’s smile remains clean and healthy. Our exams are designed to prevent decay and quickly diagnose any dental health issues. Additionally, should we notice a concern regarding your child’s dental health, we will discuss it with you in detail and put forth an appropriate treatment plan.

When your child comes in for an exam, you can expect our caring team to:

  • Gently yet effectively clean each tooth
  • Thoroughly exam the entire mouth and check for early signs of decay
  • Take a series of x-rays (if necessary)
  • Administer topical fluoride treatments to strengthen tooth enamel and preserve your child’s smile
  • Provide dental education and show your child how to properly brush and floss
  • Discuss the current state of your child’s dental health with you and go over any recommended procedures

At our Kalamazoo children’s dental office, we take our community responsibility seriously. With a holistic approach to health, we want every child to have healthy teeth and gums and look forward to every exam we perform. Dr. Basler and Dr. van Hofwegen find great joy in helping children develop a positive relationship with dental health. If your child is overdue for a dental cleaning and exam, please call our office today.